Fixed components are: Reporting on Income, Expenditure, Saving and Loans. While in the Results users can see their results in different ‘table & graph’ formats for each of the reported components


Check the amount you earned per hour for different types of work



Amount of loans repaid and observe your outstanding loans



Observe your saving deposits Vs saving withdrawn

Finbit app


Observe your essential expenses and non-essential expenses



Receive notifications for recurring expenses

hours worked

Hours Worked

Track the amount of time you spend on work

FINBIT app dashboard screenshot

Finbit for Clients

Different organizations can use the tool to track respondents progress. It is used to communicate with respondents to make projects more effective. Clients can manage their users, design surveys, get data of respondents and manage notifications through the portal available to them.



Design different type of surveys to gather information that will be useful

financial data

Financial Data

Look up and Visualize financial data (Income, Expense, Savings and Credit) of respondents



Manage and control access of each user on the portal

GPS Tracking

Track the location of users to ensure data reliability

credit analysis

Credit analysis

Lenders can calculate the creditworthiness of a respondent during a loan application.

loan request

Loan request

Respondents can request to receive a loan which is given by Lenders.

loan option

Loan options

Respondents will have different loan options while requesting to receive a loan.

user communincation

User Communication

Both lender and customer can stay connected with each other throughout the process.

Loan Application

A loan application is used by respondents to apply for a loan. Through the loan application, the respondents will reveal key details about their finances to the lenders. The loan application is crucial to determining whether the lender will grant the request for funds or credit.

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L-IFT BV (Low-Income Financial Transformation) is a social enterprise that has extensive experience in data collection in sixteen countries. L-IFT works primarily in diaries research, longitudinal data collection to track fluctuations and trends in businesses’ and individuals’ lives. L-IFT serves a range of clients including Gates Foundation, WorldBank, Mastercard Foundation, Mastercard, New York University, FSD Uganda, Opportunity International, UNCDF, BRAC international. L-IFT has a unique fieldwork approach where it collaborates with local people as data volunteers or field-researchers, who are fully aware of the local context and can build a good relationship with

Initially L-IFT collected data using an off-the-shelf data collection method which allowed it to conduct surveys. L-IFT recognized that it needed its specific app to enable to collect data periodically on indicators that fluctuated and/or have trends. Early 2018, L-IFT started to develop an android-based application – FINBIT®. This app enables individuals, firms, and organizations to report their financial and livelihood data as well as a range of other indicators that are collected periodically. The app serves users to track their incomes, expenditure, savings, and loans, as well as a range of other indicators such as agricultural production levels, health of crops, livestock diseases, whether recruiting staff, absenteeism, and virtually any other indicator.

The app includes a standard suite of tracking tools and organizations using the app can add indicators according to their need in a console that they can control themselves easily. The console also enables the organization to design incidental surveys and target surveys to specific users, according to certain features (e.g. channel a survey to those who faced a specific problem in production or to a sub-group who received training). All data collected through the app can be viewed through a portal. The portal is updated real-time so display the newly uploaded data from the field as soon as there is mobile phone network or wifi. The portal can define different levels of authority, making it possible for some to compare results of groups of users to other users. All data on the portal is anonymous. It can be viewed for individual reporters but it is not possible to identify who that individual is.

The app is designed to encourage users to report their data and to benefit from what they reported. On the smart-phone the users can see their past data in various forms (graphs, tables) and receive some analysis as well, for instance hourly pay for different activities, which months of the year there is more income. The app can also be used to give advice or send targeted extension messages to farmers who struggle with a specific problem. The options are countless. We have high ambitions for FINBIT and our goal is to make it the easy-to-use but versatile tool that enables organizations and users to understand their financial health. We aim for our technology to become a social audit mechanism in the agriculture value chain.

What does it offer organisations?

The app’s focuses on tracking livelihood and financial aspects of people’s lives, and can be expanded to track other in-depth livelihood aspects such as details on business/agricultural training, inputs, yields, diseases etc., that impact on the livelihood and finances

FINBIT portal screenshot


Tracking how the implementation of a programme is progressing at 'beneficial or target group' level, where which numbers are achieved, what attendance of which courses, how many people are attending group meetings, etc

Impact measurement

Tracking how your clients’ lives improve (or not) as the programme gets implemented (ongoing) and beyond implementation (ideally compared to a control group that does not receive the programme but is otherwise comparable)

Product development and product testing

In a participatory way, the self-diaries can help you to receive suggestions for new products or services, discuss product design and track how people are using the new products during the test phase

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